Sambil ChiChi painting on World seaturtle day

16 June 2023
World sea turtle day.

On this day we had an amazing paint event in Sambil with Chichi Curacao and STCC. It was an unforgettable experience that combined art, conservation and a whole lot of fun. There was a lot of enthusiasm and positive energy.
The purpose of the event was to let visitors paint their own Chichi turtle. These iconic and colorful figures are a true symbol of Curacao. It also raised some funds for STCC to continue our work.
In the meantime, visitors learned about the efforts made to protect and preserve the sea turtles. It was great to see young kids painting a chichi turtle. They will be our future ambassadors.
A big thanks to the public helping paint, the volunteers, Chi Chi Curacao, and everyone involved in making this event a huge success