What we do

The turtles are our number one priority! We continuously monitor our beaches, rescue turtles in distress, rehabilitate, and record data for scientific research.

We aim to make a difference by focusing on education and awareness. We believe that by cultivating compassion and a better understanding of our sea turtles we can become true stewards of our oceans.

Rescues & Rehabilitation

Rescues and monitoring:

A few times per week we monitor a couple of beaches to check for any threatening activities. Some of the places we constantly monitor are Playa Piskado, the beaches around Westpunt, Caracasbaai, Ascension Bay, North Coastline, Wacaw, as well as Klein Curacao. We check for nesting activities and nests, injured or stranded turtles, and other situations that might require our attention and action, for example providing first aid. We also record data about the resident turtles as well as observe any changes in their locations, incidents, stranding, hooking, and entanglement.


We provide all necessary care and treatments to sea turtles as much as possible. In case of any needed surgeries, we collaborate with local veterinarians.

Scientific Research


Nest Patrols:

Between June and December is the nesting season, which means the busiest time of the year. Before sea turtles are nesting, we are checking and cleaning up beaches. We are patrolling the nesting beaches every night/morning to look for tracks and nests. If we locate a nest, we check the surrounding conditions and decide if it is necessary to relocate it. We make sure the nest is safe and protected by marking the area around the nest. After the newborn sea turtles hatched, we excavate the nest and count the amount of successful and unsuccessful hatchlings. Our nest patrols and the collected data are fundamental to better understand and protect these endangered species and help to improve future measurements and actions.

Snorkel Surveys:

During our snorkel surveys, a group of volunteers is swimming in a line next to each other and counting the number of individuals. This helps us to gain more knowledge about the sea turtle population and the different species around Curaçao.

Net captures:

Multiple times a year, we capture sea turtles with the help of a net in different bays around the island. All the individuals we catch will be measured, weighted, tagged, and health checked. In addition, we take tissue- and/or blood samples as well as photos for our photo ID database. As soon as the individuals are checked, they will be released immediately back to the sea.

Photo Identification:

We apply photo identification during our rescues, snorkel surveys and net captures to identify the different individuals and create a database about the sea turtles around the island.


Our sea turtles are facing an unprecedented threat called Fibropapillomatosis (FP). This debilitating disease has been spreading rapidly among sea turtle populations, causing concern among scientists and conservationists worldwide. FP poses a significant threat to the already vulnerable sea turtle population on Curacao. As research continue to investigate the disease and how to treat it, concerted efforts are necessary to mitigate its impact. (read the article)

In june 2023 we started a scientific research in cooperation with Jefferson University in Philadelphia. 8 turtles were tagged and a transmitter was placed to get a view into their habits. Data is now being investigated. (Read more here)

Education & Awareness

Action day:

During the “low season” of the turtles, we strive to organize our monthly “Action day!”. On these days, interested people both citizens as visitors of the island can learn more about our organization and our activities. Every action day can have a different activity such as an underwater clean-up, a patrol, beach clean-up, or educational day. Our action days aim to share knowledge, to show the importance of our work, and to build a strong community. Action day events will be announced on our social media so keep an eye out!

Group activities:

We organize personalized sea turtles activities for students, companies, or anyone who wants to learn more about sea turtles. These activities can take place inside or outside, on different locations around the island. During our interactive activities, we will share knowledge about turtles in general and our organization. If you are interested in one of our activities, please get in touch with us!

Social Media:

We love to share our knowledge and effort not only on Curaçao, but also with our followers and supporters around the globe. Therefore, we use multiple social media platforms to keep you updated and informed about our ongoing work.