Field education with Carmabi rangers

4 February 2023 Training Carmabi rangers at Boca Ascencion

Fieldwork and education are also pillars for STCC. Engaging young people in fieldwork activities not only imparts knowledge but also nurtures curiosity, fosters personal growth, and ignites a lifelong love for the environment.

The 4th of February 2023 three volunteers (Chris, Whitney and Henk) and field coordinator Ard got the opportunity to train a group of Carmabi rangers and teach them the basics of some field activities within turtle conservation.

Saving a stranded turtle, locating a nest and finding a nest with coordinates written down were todays activities. The groups of rangers worked very enthusiastic on the 3 training sessions and learned a lot about turtles this Saturday morning. Fieldwork offers young people an opportunity to move beyond the walls of a classroom and explore the real world.