Unlocking the Secrets of Turtles: Using transmitters to enhance conservation efforts

Paradise FM’s radio interview with Ard Vreugdenhil highlights a unique research collaboration between Sea Turtle Conservation Curacao (STCC) and Dr. Manuela Tripepi, Associate Professor of Biology at Jefferson University. Focusing on turtles affected by FP disease, the project utilizes transmitters to pinpoint their specific feeding areas. Volunteers and divers play a vital role in gathering data for conservation efforts. 

The transmitter Research project is lead by Ard Vreugdenhil in partnership with Manuela Tripepi. The project’s primary objective is to identify precise feeding areas for turtles carrying FP disease. Identifying specific feeding areas is crucial for targeted conservation measures. 

Ard Vreugdenhil acknowledges challenges for the FP turtles but remains optimistic, highlighting the increased awareness of the disease.

Paradise FM’s interview with Ard Vreugdenhil reveals a promising collaboration studying turtles with FP disease. Utilizing transmitters and the dedication of volunteers, the project sheds light on feeding areas, benefiting scientific knowledge and conservation efforts.